Genius Phaace, "Find Your Purpose,"
in collaboration with McFarland Digital Media.
Gospel artist and Na Hoku Hanohano Nominee
Sherry Graham, "My Lord," in collaboration with McFarland Digital Media.
R&B artist Mysterious, "Lost Your Love"
R&B artist Dejuan Turrentine, "What's Your Name"

Music Videos & Artist Development

Snoopy Media works closely with each musician to develop a product that is reflective of each artist's personal style and vision. We spend the time to gain a full understanding of the artist as a person, the message and imagery in the music, and the professional goals and aspirations for his or her career. With that information, Snoopy Media proposes a concept, casts the project, shoots and edits the video, and includes a photo shoot to capture the essence of the song and artist for promotional purposes. Upon completion, Snoopy Media takes the additional step of promoting the artist and the music video on a variety of social media platforms.